Kinect Zoom Due for UK Gamers Cursed with Tiny Rooms

Device promises to cut down play area by nearly half

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That's a pretty expensive piece a plastic... here's hoping it works.
That's a pretty expensive piece a plastic... here's hoping it works.
Those of us cursed with tiny living rooms but desperate to play our Kinect games will now be able to live out those dreams thanks to a new device from Nyko. The Nyko Zoom attaches on to the front of a Kinect camera and cuts down the necessary playing space by 40%. The company have confirmed that it will be released in the UK this October.

Retailing at £29.99, it's seems to be a lens that concentrates the spread of light generated by the camera. There's no need for an extra power source, you just clip it on and play away in your little cell to your heart's content.

Of course, Microsoft aren't officially extolling the merits of the Zoom. A statement from the company states “Kinect has been tested for performance, accuracy and environmental conditions thoroughly. Any modification can impact the performance of Kinect.” Nyko representative Andrew Miles retorted that "Nyko should be applauded for assisting Microsoft in opening up the market for Kinect in the UK. Demand is already huge prior to release and will only grow rapidly once stock lands and consumers get to try the device for themselves.”

All us gamers want to know is if the Zoom actually works. We'll aim to get our hands on one as soon as possible and report back.

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Rod Todd 16 Sep 2011 13:22
Does it cut down the required playing space by 40% linear, or 40% area (and thus only around 28% linear)?

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