Toca for Xbox first look as Codies confirms four for Microsoft!

Big Mike the ear-chewer and a car... What more could you want?

Posted by Staff
UK games industry veteran Codemasters has confirmed that it will be releasing four games for the Xbox, including a Toca game, Toca Race Driver.

Other games that the company will be releasing for the Microsoft platform are LMA Manager, Ultimate Blade of Darkness and Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing.

“With our Xbox titles we will provide a level of realism significantly higher than on any previous platform, through the refinement and level of detail in our graphics work to heightened audio, physics, damage modeling and frame rates,” said John Hemingway, Director of Development at Codemasters. “The power of the Xbox that enables us to achieve this will make for some of the richest, most exhilarating and dynamic gaming experiences ever produced by Codemasters.”

As you can see, the development of both Toca, seen in what we can only assume is running form, is coming along quite nicely, as is Mike Tyson, given the somewhat swanky development shot we were sent.

Ultimate Blade of Darkness is an Xbox extension to the best selling PC title Severance: Blade of Darkness.

All titles are due out at some point in the game-tastic year of 2002.


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