Xbox 360 supplies still low

Retail stock barely replenished

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Xbox 360 supplies still low
It seems that Microsoft has been unable to meet the rampant demand for Xbox 360 hardware in the US, with retailers in the States and Canada claiming the recent shipment – only the second since launch – barely scratching the surface of unfulfilled pre-orders.

Retailers contacted throughout the US today paint a mixed picture with several major chains seemingly unaware that a refreshed stock was due. GameSpot reports that some online retail outlets are refusing so commit to a delivery date before March of 2006, surprising news though likely to reflect a strategy of under-promise and over-delivery, pun not intended.

The same piece also quotes San Jose Mercury News reporter Dean Takahashi saying, "Microsoft is disappointed that it can't get more units of the Xbox 360 into the market. Various folks tell me it isn't a problem with chip yields. I think it's more of a systems issue, when the boxes come together. They're working on getting more units out.”

Microsoft simply issued the following statement when questioned: “We're working around the clock to deliver as many Xbox 360 consoles as humanly possible to meet the high consumer demand.”

So again, punters turn their attention to the minefield that is eBay. Stories crop up on an hourly basis regarding various scams and so on, though legitimate Xbox 360 hardware sets are shifting for around $600 at time of press.



gamereview 23 Dec 2005 12:55
Man, the gamers that were loyal to Xbox mostly likely are goin to wait for the PS3 or the REV because of this shortage chaos thats giving Microsoft a problem. And, gamestop retailers are saying 360 wont be in till Feb., thats not to far away from the PS3 launch and REV so if it was me ill wait.
king skins 23 Dec 2005 13:11
My local game has 360's in stock, was just in there. I think you have to buy bundles tho
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majin dboy 23 Dec 2005 14:10
did anyone listen to colin n' edith show the other day on radio1. they had some plank on from gadget magazine talking some s**t.
he was saying the reason u couldnt get a 360 was because they are so "hot",fair enuf,but its also because MS unethically cut supply. he was also saying The PSP is the big xmas thing to get again fair enuf but not one mention of the DS.

Also the reason he gave for the PSP being in surplus(too much) within stores is bcuz "they(stores) ordered too much, and therefore cants sell them all" WRONG,try the astronomical price(mainly),a weakish game libary and a better alternative.
OptimusP 23 Dec 2005 16:25
Xbox360 shortage? Just get yourself hooked with a japanese guy, they got loads of them there and cheap too, here's last week japanese hardware sales.

DS 408,770
PSP 95,689
PS2 55,342
GBASP 19,098
GC 17,849
GBM 14,432
Xbox360 8,623
GBA 416
Xbox 182

Always nice to see that innovative hardware can own almost 66% of the hardware sales...and to be complete, software sales of the same week:

01. PS2 Tales of Abyss 405,000 (405,000)
02. NDS Animal Forest 184,000 (761,000)
03. NDS Mario Kart 146,000 (365,000)
04. GBA Final Fantasy 4 97,000 (97,000)
05. NDS Tamagotchi 92,000 (565,000)
06. GBA Pokemon Dungeon Red 85,000 (356,000)
07. NDS Pokemon Dungeon Blue 80,000 (354,000)
08. NDS Brain Training 57,000 (911,000)
09. PS2 Rogue Galaxy 51,000 (288,000)
10. NDS Gentle Brain Training 48,000 (773,000)

Most surprising is that Gentle Brain Training again appears in the top 10, the game is like 6 months old and the average time a game stays in the Japanse top 10 is like 2 weeks.
You would almost believe Nintendo is on to something...
Coxy 23 Dec 2005 16:27
I'm not surprised supplies are low, especially since its been advertised everywhere, even on SPOnG - speaking of which I know Microsoft probably pay you guys for showing their adverts - but please get rid of them - they're getting annoying, but I digress.

Why don't Microsoft stop advertising, replenish stock, then advertise again.

If they don't replenish stock soon consumers are going to look elsewhere.
wanderingsoul 23 Dec 2005 21:44
You really have to wonder what kind of logic they were using with this one. History has told us that if you spread too far yet too thin you've practically been defeated already.
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