Rumour - Xbox Live To Host Virtual E3?

Survey suggests 'Virtual Video Game Convention Service'.

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Maybe you'll see these chaps wandering around.
Maybe you'll see these chaps wandering around.
Ever wanted to attend E3? Of course you do, you’re a gamer just like we are. There are loads of hurdles to overcome though, including travel for a start, and then actually having the credentials to get into the place. But there could soon be a way for you to experience all that these events have to offer without even leaving your home. Sound good?

Destructoid has found an online survey that suggests that Microsoft could be working on a way to provide virtual representations of shows like E3, BlizzCon and GamesCon for Xbox Live users to visit with their Avatars. This statement in particular is most telling:

“Imagine that interactive, online versions of E3, BlizzCon, GamesCon, ComicCon and every other major video game convention were made available through Xbox Live”

So while you won’t experience it physically, it appears that there will be efforts made to make the virtual version as enjoyable as possible. In the survey’s example, the "Virtual Video Game Convention Service" could probide 20-60 virtual booths, and you could chat to your friends and watch exclusive interviews and game trailers. Watching keynote addresses live is also mentioned, along with demo downloads.

All very enticing, right? It’d also save on the wodge of money you’d need to actually travel to America. Happy days.


Bukkow... 30 Nov 2009 12:59
Sounds like a home space............
Daz 30 Nov 2009 14:09
if true, all we need is for the PS3 to do the same and I'm happy.
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