Microsoft Pre-E3 Conference 'Natal Experience'

Special event to take place the night before official E3 conference.

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Microsoft Pre-E3 Conference 'Natal Experience'
Microsoft announced today that it will be staging a special event dedicated to Project Natal ahead of its official E3 press conference in June.

Director of product management Aaron Greenberg confirmed the additional event on Twitter. The status update said; "Just one press conference on Monday morning, Sunday night is a ‘Project Natal’ experience, not a press conference."

The clarification came as reporter Geoff Keighley revealed that he had been sent an invitation to "TWO press conferences. Natal on Sunday night, June 13. 360 on Mon Morning, June 14." Keighley also said that the 'Natal Experience' will feature games for "all ages", while the E3 conference itself will be "18+."

E3 2010 is set to be the main battleground for both Sony and Microsoft, as they each show off the capabilities of their own approaches to motion gaming. Third party support and full details on both Natal and PlayStation Move is expected. The extra event suggests that Microsoft has a lot of content to show - which makes us ask, what are they planning for the conference itself?


Bukkow 26 Mar 2010 13:06
Gears of War 3 will probably be the reason they're citing "18+" and the all ages thing would also be 18+ only if it were to feature anything that has any chance of actually being rated for adults, so it's safe to say there's not any strong adult content for Natal, just games targetted, but not restricted to, different age ranges.
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