Mass Effect Slips Again

What's the games industry playing at?

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GAME shows the game releasing in January.
GAME shows the game releasing in January.
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Microsoft's sci-fi RPG, Mass Effect, has slipped back to January 2008 according to retailer GAME's website.

The game was initially expected in June, before dropping back to September. While a September release dropping it in front of Christmas rather than summer would probably not have hurt the game's sales, a delay until January and the post-Greedmas doldrums almost certainly will.

SPOnG has put a call into Microsoft today to see whether this is merely a clerical error, or another slab of slippage.

Mass Effect joins a growing list of big releases that have slipped beyond their expected release date.

In the last few months we've seen Halo 2 for the PC, BioShock, Mario Party 8, Metal Gear Solid 4, Half Life Episode 2, Guitar Hero 2 for the 360 and Spore, all slip.

That list begs the question: what's the game industry playing at? It's mature enough by now to have worked out how long it takes to build a game.

SPOnG will be thoroughly unsurprised if we start to see the PR machine getting more and more tight-lipped about release dates, with internment camps set up for loose-lipped developers and execs who can't keep schtum.

For more on Mass Effect see SPOnG's dedicated game page.


Joji 27 Jun 2007 12:23
What they should do is just give the year quarter they reckon it will be due or two if possible. This would leave them a three-six month launch window. Doing the math of seasons and competition might mess that idea up though.

Damn, and just as I was looking at Mass Effect as a good escape from the Halo hype train. I guess Crisis Core or Dissidia on PSP will have to fill that gap.
hollywooda 27 Jun 2007 12:51
I dont mind if this gets delayed as long as they get it right, we've all seen what happens to games that get rushed out (KOTOR2) there's plenty coming out for the 360 between now & January. But then again what do f**king GAME know!, i'll wait to hear an official announcement from Bioware somethings got to be said at E3.
king skins 27 Jun 2007 12:59
Gutted, am really looking forward to this game. So when is bioshock coming out, is it still August?

Anyway, are Game actually that reliable? Amazon are saying October... i'd check gameplay but it's blocked from work :(
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