E3 '09 Video: Peter Molyneux Shows Off Project Natal

See it here!

Posted by Staff
Read about Project Natal in coverage of Microsoft's E3 press conference? Feeling a bit sceptical about whether full motion recognition is possible without something in your hand (or strapped all over your body)? Microsoft's put out a video to try and bash your scepticism into submission.

You can have a gander below, then let us know what you reckon in the forum.

More official spiel here.



SuperSaiyan4 2 Jun 2009 11:43
That completely blew me away!! I can see what Microsoft mean by no need for another console, with this level of interaction based purely on what can be achieved with just software. Software AI is the next level and I think Microsoft have just hit a milestone with this.
config 2 Jun 2009 12:38
hmm. more sceptical about the voice recognition and natural language processing.
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