Future of Shenmue hangs on US Xbox success

Already released in Europe, Shenmue 2 sales are vital for series.

Posted by Staff
Already released for Dreamcast in Europe and Japan, the US market sorely missed Yu Suzuki’s epic RPG sequel, following Microsoft’s massive purchase of the title, making it an Xbox exclusive to the region.

Scheduled for release in the next few weeks, the success of the US Xbox version is, according to Shin Ishikawa, lead producer under Suzuki-san at his AM2 development studio, vital to the continuation of the series.

Talking to Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun, Ishikawa said that unless the game succeeds, a third version of the game may not materialise. However, if Shenmue II sells in decent numbers, a follow-up is likely.

Initially, an incredible sixteen episodes of the ‘tracking down the mysterious Chinese man who killed my father’ explore ‘em up were planned by Suzuki, so a withdrawal now would leave him with a face dripping with the proverbial egg.

Annoyingly, Ishikawa would not make any comment on which platform will carry possible future instalments of the game.


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