Microsoft Provides Some Xbox Live Figures

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Posted by Staff
Huzza for NXE avatars.
Huzza for NXE avatars.
Christmas time is a time for all people everywhere to be lovely to each other. First Sony steps forward, dressed as a pixie, and declares a bunch of things about Home. Now Microsoft has sent its own little helpers in the forms of director of digitally distributed games for Microsoft Scott Austin and the gamerscoreblog. Yay.

According to these sources, "games have been so good that people have earned more than 1.25 billion (yes, thatís billion with a 'b') Gamerscore and unlocked nearly 100 million Achievements in Xbox LIVE Arcade titles to date."

That's with 14 million users signed up remember.

Is there another hard figure? Yes, yes there is: 110 million trial games have been downloaded on Xbox LIVE Arcade to date. An actual hard number not some nonsense percentage, well, we're pleasantly surprised.

Then it starts to get a little flabby with, "August broke the monthly revenue high at the time by 67 percent", but from what to what?

And finally it gets a little name calley (no, that isn't a word) with Scott Austin (a superbly waspish name) telling us, "Xbox LIVE Arcade has really become the top destination for premium downloadable games".

We await Nintendo's response (as well as the nice lady from PSN) so all three platform holders can argue about the definition of 'premium'.


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