Xbox Chips Ready To Go

nVidia today announced that the development for two critical Xbox chips has been completed and are now ready for mass production.

Posted by Staff
It's American, it's big!
It's American, it's big!
The chipset giants, who recently took control of former market leaders 3Dfx have been responsible for both the super-computer’s Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and the Media Communication Processor (MCP). The two chips are thought of as the most powerful processors currently in production for home entertainment. The announcement is considered to be a vital accomplishment between the two companies. Hsun Huang, CEO at nVidia stated, “We are extremely pleased to have reached this critical milestone and we are excited to be on the leading edge of this revolutionary design.”

The time span for the chips to be completed was crucial, as Microsoft now have little time to get the chips into the machine and into mass production before the Xbox is launched at the end of the year. A European launch has already been pushed back to Easter 2002 and any delays in North America could prove disastrous for Microsoft. The Xbox development strategy as a whole is complicated and leaves little margin for error. Development kits are expected to ship to software houses this summer.


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