Microsoft Settles Class Act Lawsuit

Microsoft settles the case for an undisclosed figure

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Microsoft Settles Class Act Lawsuit
Microsoft has finally settled a class action lawsuit filed against it by one Kevin Ray (resident of California) concerning the a defect allegedly brought about by Xbox 360’s after the 2006 dashboard update - available on October 31st (that's Halloween).

Mr Ray's lawyers filed the class action lawsuit against Microsoft after he (and a bunch of other litigants) alleged that Microsoft refused to repair his Xbox 360. However, Microsoft then produced documents showing that it had received, repaired and returned Ray’s console free of charge after they extended its warranty.

The case took place in the District Court of Western District of Washington and the two sides have settled on a 'Stimpulation of Dismissal with Prejudice', meaning that they have settled out of court. Whether Microsoft has paid for the silence or Mr Ray (and his class action cohorts) have backed down in the face over overwhelming evidence isn't made clear in the court documents).

The infamous ‘Red Ring of Death’ has been a major thorn in the side of Xbox 360 users for quite some time now but there may be hope for those buying the Xbox 360 Elite.


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