Xbox II GDC No-Show Looms

Microsoft coy - spec and solid details may have to wait.

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Xbox II GDC No-Show Looms
Despite strong reports from last year talking of a full expose of the next generation of Xbox at this year’s Games Developers Conference - scheduled to take place in San Jose between March 22-26 - talk from Microsoft executives has hinted that significantly less information than had been expected will be released.

Augmenting a general impression from well-placed Microsoft sources that last year’s reports were hyperbolic to say the least, yesterday MS Japan spokesman Asako Miyata briefly outlined what the firm has in mind for the conference. He stated that a stage presentation will be made by Xbox overlord Robbie Bach, at which he will discuss the "software and placement" strategy for the new console. The rest of his time on stage is now expected to comprise mainly of evangelising, as opposed to delivering concrete hardware facts.

Miyata-san did state that a decision as to whether or not to release finalised technical specifications for Xbox 2 had not yet been reached.

From what we can gather, last year’s reports arising on other sites may have been jumping the gun. Hopefully avoiding a spell of ultra-bland fence-sitting, we expect perhaps a few technical demonstrations to be shown, almost certainly accompanied by some Americans a-whooping and a-hollering. Then perhaps some hardware partner announcements and maybe a closer look at the ATi GPU.

We’ll see...expect full details for the show later this month.


almondVanHelsing 9 Mar 2004 19:27
Wonder if they'll get The "Dwayne" Rock to appear this time? He's probably more expensive after all his holywood films.

MS will announce more specs of the "magic" variety. Like "faster", "more polys" and "integrated internet play" which will mean nothing, but will be quoted in all press as new stuff.
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