Molyneux Removing Own 'Good Ideas' in Fable III

And demanding five million sales

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Molyneux Removing Own 'Good Ideas' in Fable III
The ever quotable Peter Molyneux has served up another beauty in relation to Kinect-free Fable III, stating that not only does he want five million sales, he also wants to free the game of his own 'good ideas'.

"Part of that plan is less clutter in the game," he told MCV. He continued that he wants "less aggravating little inventions that Peter Molyneux once thought was a good idea. More clarity, better story, better cast, better balance."

He also pointed out that, "We want more than five million people playing Fable III on the Xbox 360, full stop".

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Cfan 12 Aug 2010 08:57
No sorry, I played Fable II through to the end and a bit more, And I honestly thought it was one of the worst 'RPG's I'd ever played. The story was downright awful, the characters were cliched and the little area maps were boring and tiny. The game is/was a embarrasment to british gaming companys imo.
realvictory 12 Aug 2010 12:30
I haven't completed Fable II, but it's not really an embarassment. Seriously, if Molyneux stopped over-hyping, people would find it perfectly good.

I think they should focus on the core aspects, though. Forget about the story, and concentrate on character development, exploration, and world-persistence.

The characters aren't cliched insomuch as they are unvaried. They need varied personalities. Then again, would that be realistic? ;)

I think the whole game could just do with a bit more variation, ultimately.
Xross 12 Aug 2010 13:05
Molyneux is Bullshit!!!
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