Xbox 360 S Make PS3 Slim Sales Seem Slight

Higher sales increase following Microsoft's new platform launch than Sony's.

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Xbox 360 S Make PS3 Slim Sales Seem Slight
While Xbox 360 S sales may not have captured the hearts of Japanese gamers, in the West the new model appears to be tracking ahead of the PlayStation 3 Slim.

An analyst at Gamasutra took a look at the sales impact of both companies' platforms following the launch of their respective revamps. Three months after the release of the Xbox 360 S, year-on-year console sales for the platform are up 34 per cent, it was found.

For comparison's sake, a chart notes that in month one, year-on-year sales for the PS3 after the Slim hit the shelves rose by 13.3%, while Microsoft achieved an 87.7% increase from its S Model launch. Gamasutra marks that difference down to low availability of Sony's new hardware, as by month three the two platforms were much closer - +68.7% for Sony versus +65.6% for Microsoft.

"Sony's Slim boosted its annual system sales by 66 percent, up from 2.95 million to 4.90 million," notes the website. "Were Microsoft to realize a similar rate of growth by the end of May 2011, they would have realized sales of 8.07 million systems annually, up from 4.86 million in the previous 12-months.

"Naturally, Microsoft should also realize stronger software sales in the coming months as a result of the higher hardware sales... based on Microsoft's periodic press releases about its software sales and analyst comments on growth rates, that would put Microsoft's software sales in excess of $3.2 billion during the 12 months after the launch of the Xbox 360 S model."

The findings don't take into account the launch of Halo: Reach, Microsoft's pricing flexibility or the upcoming release of the Kinect peripheral.


Mark 17 Sep 2010 20:35
The problem for Microsoft of course, is that the slim sales are going to existing Xbox owners looking to replace their original crap, not NEW customers...
Tim Smith 17 Sep 2010 22:11
Mark wrote:
The problem for Microsoft of course, is that the slim sales are going to existing Xbox owners looking to replace their original crap, not NEW customers...

The obvious assumption there is that the same can't be said of PS3 Slim. Then again, I've not bought a PS3 Slim to replace my launch PS3.

Do you have any figures to support your contention? Seriously, if you've got stats, we'll take them very seriously.


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gingineer 17 Sep 2010 23:05
no stats just that i don't know anyone who has bought a new xbox 360 s other than to replace a dud xbox. people i know aren't an exhustive survey. but its a general feeling.
YLOD 18 Sep 2010 12:06

So why would you also not take into account the PS3s YLOD and the BRLOD
and the PS3 slim sales going to existing PS3 Phat owners to ?.
At least MS done the right thing and fixed theirs for free from and to your door.

And the amount of phats that are dying now is just unreal, just look on just about any site and the amount of people reporting theirs now dead...
ERm 18 Sep 2010 12:17
Intresting question for Mark or is it "Gingineer" ?

As MS gave the old Xbox a full 3 years guarantee how is it they bought a slim to replace a "Dud" which MS would of fixed for free anyway ?.
Did "Everyone" you know all have it for "Exactly" 3 years and then it broke the day after the warranty ran out and on the day the 360 S was released ?.

Alen Boardman 18 Sep 2010 20:37
Well, if their original "crap" was that bad, would they be so enticed as to buy a new replacement, or move to a ps3??

Just a thought, how, without solid sales figures, can we truly know who is a "New" customer or an existing one?

DoctorDee 19 Sep 2010 05:47
@Alen_Boardman Even with solid sales figures, that information is usually not available. Without exit surveys from buyers leaving stores, we'll simply never know, and fans of both consoles will accuse buyers of the others as replacing broken ones, while ascribing buyers of their favoured ones as people moving from the other platform. When in fact, it's always a mix of both. But anyone trying to equate PS3 failures to 360 ones is living in a dream world. I know countless people with both platforms. I know of one PS3 failure, and many many 360 failures.

I personally got a 360 Slim because my fat was just too loud. The old one is just sat there redundant. But the slim was not as much quieter as I had hoped. I bought a PS3 Slim because the trade in on originals was so good that it essentially cost me 40 to upgrade.
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