OXM US predicts Halo 2.5 for Xenon

Kind of like the last Halo .5 rumour, just a bit different

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An OXM writer yesterday
An OXM writer yesterday
Bland Microsoft marketing department extension magazine OXM in the US has published a fresh prediction for the future of the Halo series, making some startlingly familiar claims.

According to the publication Halo 2.5 is underway. But... it?s underway for Xbox 2. And yes, SPOnG is aware that the same magazine published a piece about the non-existent Halo 1.5 for existing MS gaming hardware not so long ago.

However, there?s a great excuse behind this.

?Halo 2.5? - Okay, so the mole wasn't completely right about the existence of Halo 1.5, but he wasn't completely wrong either. (Halo PC was essentially Halo 1.5)?


The magazine continues unabashed, ?With Halo 2 now here, guess what? A Halo 2.5 is not entirely out of the question as an Xbox 2 launch title, and it could be done in time for the launch (even if that is only a year from now) by a small part of the Bungie team. It?s no secret that. A) The real third act and ending of Halo 2 was chopped to make the November 9 release date, B) the next Xbox could use the clout that the Bungie and Halo names bring to the table to help launch the new system, C) everyone who buys the next Xbox would pay another $50 for Halo 2.5, and D) doing "Director's cut" of Halo 2 with new graphics, the true finale, and some new multiplayer stuff would help the Bungie team get its feet wet on the new hardware while it works on its first real next-gen project. It's a win-win-win scenario for Microsoft, for Bungie, and for gamers. Maybe it?s even true??

Yes, perhaps it could. For a magazine that takes more than its fair share of swipes at Internet reportage, SPOnG would argue that OXM US might well think twice before publishing what can only be described as rehashed thinly veiled guesswork.



schnide 18 Nov 2004 16:14
Halo 3 would still be the best killer-app for Xbox 2 and that's that, whether it's possible or not.
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