GamesMaster Takes Job at National Tabloid Newspaper

Selling out to 'the man' or a good move?

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GamesMaster Takes Job at National Tabloid Newspaper
The Future Publishing-owned games magazine, GamesMaster, is due to provide regular branded content in the newspaper, The Daily Mirror.

Named 'The Ticket - powered by GamesMaster', the eight page section will include sponsored content and will call all aspects of gaming for the tabloid and its readership.

The supplement is due to commence from December 10th and will include Sonic the Hedgehog's recent gaming portfolio.

Mirror Group Advertising head of Business Development Mark Field said of the partnership with Future Publishing that "In the lead up to Christmas we have developed a platform to talk to families about upcoming launches and current releases and importantly drive new business opportunities for our commercial partners."

The tabloid has claimed that of its 3.17 million regular readers, 1.2 million of those have purchased a game at some point (about 1 in 3 then). We wouldn't be too surprised though with the popularity of the Wii and the mainstream appeal of games nowadays.

Tabloids and videogames... that's always a good mix.

Source: Games Industry Biz


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