Rockstar Still Doesn't Know GTA IV DLC Date

or how to price it.

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Rockstar Still Doesn't Know GTA IV DLC Date
So, in August 2008, Microsoft tells us all:

"In autumn there will be news from Liberty City; the first episodes of GTA IV will be available for download exclusively on Xbox LIVE..."

Then, in November 2008, Rockstar's co-founder, Dan Houser, speaking about the release date for the Microsoft Xbox 360-exclusive DLC, tells Variety:

"I'm not sure. It's going well. But we don?t know a date. We hope to be announcing that in the next few weeks. We're still figuring out a few things. We're more focused on quality than dates, always have been. But the development is going really good. It's shaping up to be something we're very proud of. That was our goal".

Sure, games slip but it's strange for Microsoft to actually announce that the DLC would ship in autumn without actually having that confirmed by Take-Two or even Rockstar.

So, what about pricing? Well, here's a marvellous answer to the question, "How do you price something like this?"

Says Dan Houser, "How to price it. Whether to release it day-and-date everywhere... Europe and the U.S. I'm sure will be day-and-date or within a few days, but I'm not sure about Japan. It's a small Xbox market...

"You even have to ask what time to release it at. We have some experience of doing through releasing our trailers. It can slow down sections of the 'Net. What works as a great time on the east coast may be late for Europe and too early for the west coast. Those are all things we wouldn?t normally think about."

Sure... thanks, but the question was 'How do you price something like this?'

Source: Variety


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