Xbox 360 Suffers Less than Most in USA for June

Sales slightly up for Xbox 360

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Aaron Greenberg - pensive.
Aaron Greenberg - pensive.
USA and its video game sales may have been in the dumps in June but for its part Microsoft posted some none too shabby figures.

The NPD group - which collates game sales and the likes from retail no longer posts hardware figures so we've no way of having an independent audit on these, so let's take Microsoft's word for it when it states:

"Total spending on the Xbox 360 was $272 million in June, compared with $209 million in May. The company sold more than 257,000 consoles in the U.S. in June (160,000 in May), holding a 47 percent share of the overall console market.

"That is the 16th month in a row that the console has held more than a 40 percent share of current-generation console sales."

Source: VentureBeat


Aimee love 13 Jul 2012 15:34
Very nice!
Ergo 13 Jul 2012 21:26
Err, does everyone in the game media hate the 3DS?? It's up over 25% of the DS at similar points in their lifetimes, crossed 5 mil in North American, and yet you report on some teeny-tiny ray of light for MS? Really?

(Note: the DS sold around 150 million systems, and the 3DS is *substantially* ahead of that pace--this would be news in a sane world if the non-news posted above is news. Which it isn't. Because we live in an insane world. Where Spong didn't get a PR-laden email.)
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