Use your Xbox 360 Avatar in Guitar Hero 5

Expect rocker clobber soon

Posted by Staff
Never have to look like an old rocker again. Unless you want to.
Never have to look like an old rocker again. Unless you want to.
What's the point of avatars? Seriously, you take all that time making yours look just like you want to - as much like your ideal idea of, well, you as you can, and then you can't even play with them.

It appears that Activision and Microsoft have realised that this is a flaw, so... Guitar Hero 5 will enable you import your NXE avatar and actually use it to play along in the game.

Not only that but gamers can "choose their band mates and mix and match their Xbox Avatars with Guitar Hero favorites like Judy Nails, Axel Steel and Lars Ümlaüt, or even rip it up alongside in-game talent.

"Xbox Avatars will also get a Guitar Hero makeover in the game’s Create-A-Rocker mode, where players can further customize their creations with exclusive Guitar Hero clothing and accessories to ensure they look performance-ready."

Now, we want our Miis to be able to play along in Tiger Woods Golf.


alan 18 Aug 2009 16:50
lol i have what you call no life but i personally like rock band 2 better but i will totally get this when it comes out...thanks
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