Gears Of War: Xbox Live Arcade In Cheeky Cash Grab

Live Arcade charges for freely available game guides

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Gears Of War: Xbox Live Arcade In Cheeky Cash Grab
In the most shameless play for your cash yet to appear on Xbox Live Marketplace, BradyGames is offering five guides to the locations of the Gears of War COG tags. Priced at 100 Microsoft Points (£0.85) each - that's a total of £4.25 you'll be charged to get information already freely available on the internet.

Speaking in an recent 1Up podcast about the distribution of maps for Gears of War, Epic's Tim Sweeney said, “We've been wanting to give them away for a long time but actually Microsoft has been pushing back on us for that.” Someone, at least, sees the merit in not plundering the consumer's pocket for everything they're worth.

That said, Epic's Mark Rein made a recent posting on the Evil Avatar forum, stating, “It's Microsoft's store. Like any retailer they have the right to figure out what goes on the shelves of their store and what price they sell it at.”

Rein makes a fair point. Such are the workings of the free market economy and no-one's forced to shell out for the videos. That said, SPOnG took a cursory glance at YouTube and decided to show you the guide below, completely free of charge.



hollywooda 26 Apr 2007 14:33
Ahhhh so thats were that 1 is.... nice.
Timus 26 Apr 2007 21:01
The best game ever!!!!
Hypnotoad 27 Apr 2007 01:38
lollerskates - gotta love YouTube...just try and pull that deep from the bowls of the Google empire, Microsoft - I dare ya :)
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