Dutch Microsoft Exec: Sony Doesn't Give a Sh*t About Move

Ex PlayStation marketing man apparently breaks the news.

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Dutch Microsoft Exec: Sony Doesn't Give a Sh*t About Move
A podcast on Dutch site Bashers sent to us by a reader shows that Paul Naber, Director Home & Entertainment Division at Microsoft Netherlands does not have a high opinion of Sony's support of Move.

During the interview, Naber says, "I'm convinced that Move for Sony is, what we call, fudding. Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt. They don't give a shit about Move, but it takes the wind out of Kinects sails, or it could."

Bearing in mind that Mr Naber had previously worked as Sales Manager at PlayStation, his answers bear some weight.

Interviewer, Samuel Hubner Casado apparently then asks, "What Microsoft did with HDDVD?"

To which Naber apparently responds, "Voila! Exactly the same as we did with HDDVD and Blu-Ray. When people are unsure of a new technology, they won't get on board. And that doesn't bother them as far as Move is concerned, because they don't care about it anyway. But if people get on board with Kinect and it's a runaway success, then they'll have Wii on one side, Kinect on the other and of course they will lose."

Naber then continues "Simple, I mean, I still think their response, last year, was "Oh sh*t, Microsoft is onto something, we have to pull something out of the cupboard quickly, let's get developers up there with even stranger lollipops! But if you look at how far along they are, what kind of support they have and things like that... They're launching in September with how many titles? I think it's too vague for words."

Before finishing off with, "Yes, I do worry about it because Sony is very -- I've worked there for five years! I know what they do! Dropping the price even though there's no stock, why? Because you know your competitor will stop selling. They are really good at that, at Fudding."

Mr Naber then follows up his podcast comments with written comments to the podcast as follows:

"The future will tell if Sony is serious about Move or that they really use as FUD. To date, the retailers in NL enormously to talk about our strategic approach Kinect around and they're, like, surprised at the complete lack of any story whatsoever from Sony about Move. They have a folder containing five titles and a release date and thats (sic) it."

Realising he may have caused some problems, he does point out that, "Everything I said I said out of personal conviction and not as Xbox boss. My PR lady kill me when she hears what I have said."

Harsh stuff.


Times_Champion 16 Jul 2010 16:01
I have to agree with this statement. Im not a fanboy and have all 3 consoles, yet back in the day I was a massive sega fan. I still remember on the eve of the Dreamcast UK launch Sony sent out flyers to everyone who had registered a PS1 telling them basically to wait for the PS2 because it would be amazing compared to the Dreamcast, whereas in actual fact that wasnt true at all.
Mark 16 Jul 2010 16:27
I'd have to say: great find! Very interesting to see what is happening in the minds of the marketing masters at both Sony and Microsoft. After reading some of the articles on http://123kinect.com/ I have to say that I think Kinect will make a bigger impact than Move... but the future will have to tell.
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John 17 Jul 2010 00:37
So this guy is ranting that Sony is an ass for reducing the price on their console???

for real?? i am marketing/ economics major. and i can tell you hes just bashing Sony on that price cut thing.
tarbis 17 Jul 2010 01:04
What a sore loser. He did not even know s**t about Move. Did he even know what titles that were coming out for Move and Kinect? I bet he didn't even know what it looks like.
I will even bet he thinks Move uses infrared.
wtfwtfwtfwtf 17 Jul 2010 01:32
Lmfao. He just said that Sony came up with Move out of no where just because Kinect was shown a day before... Not only would Move take far more then a day to make but it has been in development before 360 was even heard of... And then he says that Move has no games when it has a good amount of games coming out and more then kinect.
Mark 17 Jul 2010 03:17

Patching in move support for pre-existing games and adding them to controller played games like Killzone isn't the same.
james 17 Jul 2010 04:22

Move doesn't need to count patches to surpass Kinect's 15 dance/exercise/jumping games. But since there are a few of those cases where I wouldn't consider them with standard controllers, I find the Move patches to be the selling points. Still, even if you want to nitpick, there's still more Move games than Kinect. And zero traditional games on Kinect.

"Sports Champions?, September 2010
Eye Pet?, September 2010
Kung Fu Rider?, September 2010
Start the Party! ?, September 2010
echochrome? 2 (PSN), September 2010
Tumble (PSN), September 2010
Hustle Kings, October 2010
PAIN (PSN), October 2010
TV Superstars?, October 2010
The Fight: Lights Out?, October 2010
The Shoot?, October 2010
High Velocity Bowling (PSN) October 2010
Heavy Rain®, October 2010
Sly Collection, November 2010
SingStar® Dance, November 2010
LittleBigPlanet? 2, November 2010
Beat Sketcher (PSN), Fall 2010
SOCOM 4, Fall 2010
Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 11 (Electronic Arts), September 2010
Toy Story 3: The Video Game (Disney Interactive Studios), September 2010
The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest (WB Games Inc.), September 2010
Brunswick Pro Bowling (Crave), September 2010
Resident Evil®5 Gold Edition (Capcom), September 2010
Time Crisis: Razing Storm (Bandai Namco), September 2010
NBA® 2K11 (2K Sports), October 2010
John Daly's ProStroke Golf (OG International), Fall 2010
Racquet Sports (Ubisoft), Fall 2010
R.U.S.E. (Ubisoft), September 2010
Kung Fu LIVE (Virtual Air Guitar Company), October 2010
Deadliest Catch: Sea of Chaos? (Crave), November 2010
Disney Tron Evolution the Video Game (Disney Interactive Studios), November 2010
blakestrick 17 Jul 2010 05:09
The title should say "Douchebag Microsoft Exec".
darkpower 17 Jul 2010 07:24
Umm...Sony revealed Move the same year MS revealed Natal, and someone already showed us the list of to-be-patched games.

I'm gonna say this right now:

Paul Naber! Is! An! IDIOT!
I think he is BSn us 17 Jul 2010 16:47
It has been well published that Kinetic is a third party technology that approached both Nintendo and Sony before going to MS. Sony and Nintendo both passed it up MS licensed the tech because MS was the ones going oh S@#T Will has motion control, Sony has Eye Toy and Move we have nothing. So Mr Naber sell BS somewhere else.
kevin 17 Jul 2010 17:20
Move is Wii HD. don't compare it to Kinect.
It's like you compare a world war II jet fighters with a F22 Raptor !!
brian 17 Jul 2010 20:12
Sony has been developing Move longer than MS has been working on Kinect. So I think your off there. I do think MS is going to force Kinect a little more than Move, but I always ask myself who would buy it??? Everything I've see so far, except for child of eden, has been either compatible with a 360 controller, or a bunch of minigames. With move, its no different. Other than sorcery (don't get me started on The Fight. Thats bad), everything is either minigames or compatible with the DS3. However, with Kinect, would anyone argue playing a game like Burnout be better on Kinect than with the standard 360 controller. Any FPS, TPS, Racer, sandbox, or hack and slash WILL be better with the 360 controller than Kinect. With Move, I think Sony will be able to offer games like KZ3 and Socom that enhance the experience, rather than offer it as something to goof off with for 15 minutes. The kind of experience where people will go online and some will game with Move and some will game with the DS3. I can guarantee you no one will game online seriously with Kinect.
What I'm trying to say is gaming with Kinect online vs. a 360 controller will be like playing UT3 with the DS3 vs. the mouse and keyboard. The keyboard wins everytime and it becomes Keyboard or nothing. Kinect will hurt the experience rather than enhance it.
Resurrected 17 Jul 2010 22:59
Ok guys. I just want to ask u a simple question?
How do we supposed to run or straight in a game using kinect? U're going to either hit ur LED or wall. BTW how can u compare dancing while playin an FPS just to aim sth to detecting 1mm movements and 1 degree rotation in move?
C'mon face it guys. I have both consoles, and I really really really believe that Kinect isn't STH new for hardcore gaming. It's just STH for newbies. with some simple games. who can change GeOW III'sDVD with that jumping on a boat s#*t DVD (IDK the game's name). but u can simply change the KILLZONE®2 BD with the move-compatible KILLZONE®3 plus 3D gaming. MOVE+3D gaming is a kick-a$$ technology
Well 18 Jul 2010 05:37
I think if he was in Sony for 5 years he must now more than a PS3 owner about SOny. Anyways move is defintely not ground breaking, Whenever it comes to hardware Sony has dont the best job but Move is not really upto their benchmark
Yeah Wii like controls coupled with PS3 grpahics sure are not half bad eitherways.
Zen kudos 18 Jul 2010 22:03
so they planned this for release on the PS2?. before the 360 was even heard of, haha that's like saying Jesus started developing the internet back before the tech was even around.
Nayhem 18 Jul 2010 22:52
Kinect/Natal looks extremely lame. Move looks like Wii HD with 3D capability. I'm looking forward to trying that bow and arrow game. There's nothing about Kinect that looks remotely interesting, I have no desire to drive a car by miming holding a steering wheel in my hands like a frickin idiot thank you very much.
serafin 10 Sep 2010 18:19
@kevin SO TRUE! :)
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