Xbox forced to feedback millions

Shaky-hand case settled

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Xbox forced to feedback millions
Last year we brought you news that Immersion Technology, a developer of medical and industrial simulation hardware, decided to sue both Sony and Microsoft over use of real-time rumble effects in games controllers.

We thought it strange at the time that Nintendo didn't receive a writ, given that company president Satoru Iwata, when speaking to us some time ago, said: "We are always concerned that other companies will steal our ideas. We invented the Rumble Pak and everyone else copied it."

Anyway, Microsoft has settled with Immersion out of court, agreeing to pay a whopping £20 million to the firm. As part of the agreement, Microsoft will also agree to buy a 10% stake of Immersion - costing a further $6 million - as well as allow the firm to borrow as much as $9 million over the next four years, repayable at 7% interest.

It will be interesting to see if Sony Computer Entertainment follows suit…

We'll keep you updated.


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