Something For The Weekend, Sir? This Week's Releases

Did someone say 'Halo'?

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Something For The Weekend, Sir? This Week's Releases
In amongst all the hustle and bustle of PS3 sales figures and talk of Microsoft sales demographics there is one important fact that has not escaped SPOnG's notice: it's Friday! Which means that once again, there's a fresh batch of games for us to spend our hard-earned cash on.

First and foremost on any self-respecting PC gamer's list this week has to be Halo 2. Remember that, anyone? SPOnG dimly remembers when we first laid eyes on the game on the Xbox some two and a half years ago, and we're happy that PC owners can finally get their mitts on it. Halo 2 is also the second game to offer cross-platform play between the 360 and PCs, entering the fray just behind last week's Shadowrun.

Racing fans with a 360 under the telly can start revving up (it had to be said) for a weekend of Forza 2 courtesy of Microsoft. Our Tim didn't have quite as much fun with it as he did doing doughnuts in the Australian outback, but he still reckons it's an enjoyable outing for the newbie and a delight for the Forza fan. You can read SPOnG's full review here.

Mercury Meltdown Revolution for the Wii has made SPOnG a happy bunny this week. When we looked at the game a couple of weeks ago, we got the warm feeling that comes not with an accident in the bath, but with knowing a series has found its rightful home. Now, could someone just tell Ignition Entertainment that, in the end, Nintendo decided not to call its console the 'Revolution'?

Brothers in Arms makes its DS debut this week, pushing the franchise into touch-screen territory. If only the DS had been invented 70 years ago, your Granddad could have played at shooting Nazis in between actually dodging their bullets in World War II...

Another game making a belated handheld appearance is Tony Hawk's Project 8. PSP owners can finally try out their mad skillz in slow motion without having the time-bending skills necessary to achieve the same effect in real life.

Fans of golfing with a penchant for the surreal can get hold of Tecmo's Pangya! Golf With Style for the Wii. The 'style' in question is one of knocking your shots between floating islands and over levitating pyramids. SPOnG waits with bated breath to see if rounds of Wii Remote swinging played with manga-styled characters will replace our weekly schmoozing sessions enjoyed on Wii Sports golf.

A dream marketing deal between EA and a certain highstreet fashion outlet sees the elegantly named The Sims 2: H&M Fashion Stuff available for your shopping pleasure.

This week's list of releases is rounded out by Namco Bandai's TrionCube (DS), Codemasters' Hospital Tycoon (PC), Midas' Spectral Vs Generation (PSP), The History Channel: Great Battles of Rome (PC and PS2) from Black Bean and WarTech Senko no Ronde (360) from Ubisoft.

Happy spending!


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