European Live Video Marketplace – Definitely Out In December

Microsoft just told us. Again.

Posted by Staff
European Live Video Marketplace – Definitely Out In December
News today for fans of (legally) downloading top TV shows and movies is that Microsoft’s European LIVE Video Marketplace is launching in the UK, Ireland, France and Germany in December; meeting the end of the year deadline Microsoft promised us earlier this year.

We, like you, want the exact date - so we contacted Microsoft to be told, "We have not made any announcements on the international launch of Video Store over and above what we said at E3. We are still committed to launching the service internationally this year, so please stay tuned for further announcements."

We certainly will.


SuperSaiyan4 29 Nov 2007 13:50
No doubt the pricing in terms of Microsoft points will be the same as the USA but perhaps those with internet connections with caps may need more space who knows.

Mine isnt capped though and I think as downloading such content becomes more mainstream IP may need to rethink their cap useage as well. Also higher download speeds is a must considering the size of a movie especially in HD.

Have been thinking considering how much a HD movie costs and how many times I might watch the same movie its perhaps better to just 'rent' these movies also especially ones that might not be on HD-DVD such as Walt Disney movies...Unless you want to make a HD collection then you will want to purchase these movies.
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