Free Xbox Live In Three Weeks!

Xtival 07 announced

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Free Xbox Live In Three Weeks!
Microsoft has announced that Xtival 07, an online festival for Xbox 360 owners, is on the way. With it will come a free week of Xbox Live Gold membership!

The event will run from 23-26 November. All you need to do to take part is turn on your Xbox 360 and log into Xbox Live.

As well as the good news for those who resent having to pay for their online service, there will be Xbox Live events, competitions and exclusive downloads to enjoy.

Oh, yes, 'exclusive'... For once, we Europeans will get something our friends across the pond don't. The festival is taking place in Europe only.

Details of what the events will actually be haven't been announced, but expect more information to be forthcoming from Microsoft soon.

Source: Xboxic


deleted 1 Nov 2007 21:43
so are MS going to extend my gold account by one week as i already subscribe? (rhetorical)
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