Last Day for Xbox 360 Repairs Before Xmas

First headline with Xmas in..

Posted by Staff
Last Day for Xbox 360 Repairs Before Xmas
According to Graeme Boyd (aka Aceybongos) Xbox Community Manager, Europe, if your Xbox 360 gets broken after tomorrow, you're going to have to wait until after Xmas for repair.

Here are the exact words:

"From the Xbox Support Team: If you're getting your Xbox repaired tomorrow is the last day for pick-up to get it back before Christmas."

So, fingers crossed that yours doesn't blow a gasket.


Anon 10 Dec 2009 13:31
i'm betting they'll either ban or update f**k up just after christmas for everyone who's warranty expires around now, as a fair number might've got theirs last christmas, etc. just another money making scheme from our friends at Microsoft, because they care about the industry!
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