Japan Hardware: Pokemon Fails To Ignite DS Sales

PSP gets ahead despite hosting the lower profile game.

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Japan Hardware: Pokemon Fails To Ignite DS Sales
Pokemon Ranger might be kicking butt in the Japanese software charts right now, but that hasn't translated into DS sales at all, as week-on-week figures have actually dropped for every platform in the touch screen family. In a strange twist, the PSP is the clear winner this week, beating total DS sales handily by more than 20,000.

Home Console
Wii: 33,880 (36,241)
PS3: 28,824 (27,763)
360: 2,764 (2,510)
PS2: 1,839 (1,912)

PSP: 64,808 (37,338)
DSi LL: 23,611 (24,605)
DSi: 15,017 (15,586)
DS Lite: 4,316 (5,029)
PSP Go: 1,275 (1,296)

(Previous week's unit sales in brackets for comparison)
(Charted from 1st - 7th March 2010, courtesy Media Create)

It seems that .hack//Link has done more for Sony's handheld than Pokemon has for Nintendo's, which is quite the surprise. The PlayStation 3 also sees a marginal sales increase on the console side, but it's not enough to overcome the Wii despite a considerable drop in figures for the latter.

We wonder if there will be a high-profile DS game that would seriously ignite sales in the platform, if Pokemon can't do it. Has Nintendo's dual-screen wonder hit saturation point? Is the only way down? Well, it can't ever be worse off than Sony's poor PSP Go, which is inching closer towards that dreaded sub-1,000 unit mark every week.


headcasephil 12 Mar 2010 15:58
i think the pspgo is going to have a hard time for a long time as most games like the fact that there games come on disk and have some thing to show off i mean for me i like the fact that some one comes over and all ways (what the f**k ) 110 ps3 game i like showing off about it it would be a hell of a lot different if they were all on a hdd its like my music collection its big but its all come from itunes and its not the same.
i think that nintendo are on a bit of a down with the ds for one thing i feal that the ds ll/xl came out far to soon after the dsi and it has confused people i all so think the brown or red are wrong should have stuck to black or white
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