Microsoft: Smacks Forza 3 in Polyphony's Face

VP of worldwide studios flares up the fan wars.

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Microsoft: Smacks Forza 3 in Polyphony's Face
Phil Spencer, corporate VP and head of Microsoft's worldwide studios, saw fit to talk some smack about the competition again, when promoting Turn 10's Forza Motorsport 3. The target? Polyphony Digital's development schedule, of course.

During an interview with Gamasutra, the Microsoft boss man took a jab at the developer of competing Sony exclusive Gran Turismo 5, implying that Polyphony's racer may not see a release at all. When asked about whether Microsoft has a commitment to emphasise on first-party, rather than third-party, exclusives, Spencer said;

"Absolutely. And to ship them! That's an important part of our strategy. Look at Forza shipping next month: the definitive racing sim this generation. You could say it's the only racing sim that's shipping this generation."

Oh Phil, you card. Fans of Forza and Gran Turismo appear to be at constant loggerheads on forums and blogs, and comments from the people involved can only really flare up the fan wars even further.

The interview covers a whole range of other elements, such as Microsoft's introduction of Social Networking services, whether Natal can really live up to the promise, and the 'critical mass' of Xbox Live Arcade. You can read the whole interview at Gamasutra.


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