Free Xbox Live Gold with GTA IV: Lost and Damned

Other promotions coming soon

Posted by Staff
Microsoft doesn't really want you to get your Xbox Live service for free. It would much rather you paid for it. So, to entice Xbox Live Silver subscribers - the non-payers - into paying it's providing them with all the functionality of Gold membership while they're playing The Lost and Damned, the upcoming GTA IV DLC, for five days.

The offer also extends to GTA IV itself and will see Silver subscribers able to use the multiplayer mode in the game and its expansion from 17.00 GMT on Tuesday 17th February 'til Monday 23rd February (07.59 GMT).

Also happening at the time, according to Microsoft, will be "a number of exciting events and promotions". One of those will be the ‘Game with Rockstar event’, which will...well, you know, you'll be able to play with those Rockstar chaps.

Microsoft also made mention of a new Lost and Damned trailer hitting Xbox Live on Thursday.


SuperSaiyan4 10 Feb 2009 13:24
It is a shame it costs £40 a year but like I have said before it not be that much just look on ebay and pick up a code for around £28.
Joji 10 Feb 2009 14:54
This is a good idea. Maybe MS should do quarterly free Live Gold weeks, to entice those who haven't used Live fully before.

Yep, I do the same, shop on ebay and pick them up cheaper. When I play 25 quid, it still seems like a bargain or too good to be true.
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