Microsoft Introducing "New Xbox 360 Disc Format"

Additional space? Anti-piracy? I call that Pimm's o'clock.

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Microsoft Introducing "New Xbox 360 Disc Format"
Microsoft is preparing for another Xbox 360 system update - one that will allow for the introduction of an "updated Xbox 360 disc format," according to Major Nelson.

Registrations are open for US gamers to participate in a Preview program which will see them trial the compatibility of the new XGD3 (Xbox Game Disc 3) on their consoles. The new format allows for an additional 1GB of space to be placed on the disc, but there are suggestions that the update could be piracy-focused, given the disc's relative commercial unavailability.

Still, if you fancy your chances at being a guinea pig for 'the man,' you'll get a free copy of Halo: Reach for your troubles. So it's not all bad. According to Major Nelson, there are "multiple thousands" of spaces, but priority will be given to Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

And no, the update is not Blu-ray related.


Hookey 30 Mar 2011 12:34
This is clearly aimed at piracy, Most games don't even fill a standard dual layer DVD (due to compression methods), let alone a new one that gives an extra 1GB of space.
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