Microsoft Wants to Make You a Popstar Sensation

Make your dreams of stardom a reality

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Microsoft Wants to Make You a Popstar Sensation
Oh, it?s every young performer?s dream - to tread the boards! And we?re not talking about ?playing Hamlet? but to one day tread the hallowed boards of T4?s Popworld, and becoming an overnight pop sensation.

Luckily, Microsoft can make it happen. Well, so it tells SPOnG today, as the company has just announced the latest promotion in the rather literally-named ?Soundtrack? national campaign to find ?Britain's hottest new undiscovered music talent.?

Basically, if you think you?re 'it' and fancy having your music used alongside Xbox 360 game trailers, then you may well be in with a chance of snagging yourself some time in a state-of-the-art recording studio, to lay down their track for real with the help of a professional production team. Where you will walk away with a ?professional? demo tape.

The competition is being launched by band Enter Shikari, who have created an exclusive track inspired by the trailer for Xbox 360 title - Blue Dragon.

Commenting on the new track, lead singer Roughton Reynolds said: "Having just got back from a tour of Japan we were completely taken by Japanese culture, so when I saw the trailer for Blue Dragon it made perfect sense to write a track to fit it. I?m excited by the results ? the visuals work so well with the music and fit our sound really well. Hopefully, other musicians out there will feel inspired by games too and want to get involved."

The Xbox Soundtracks programme will see artists across Europe remixing tracks to promote the competition. It was launched in Europe in February by the Scissor Sisters who produced an exclusive remix of their single "She?s My Man" to fit the game trailer for Halo Wars.

Stephen McGill, Microsoft Head of Gaming and Entertainment says of the promotion, "The fact that music artists are being inspired by video games to make new music is a major turning point in the industry. With the quality and realism of games now better than ever, the emotional engagement can now, for the first time ever, be compared with film, theatre or other arts, and this is being reflected in how people are reacting to them. We?re delighted to have a band as innovative and exciting as Enter Shikari on board and we hope that it will inspire other people to get creative too."


Joji 16 May 2007 14:43
Nice idea, but when watching trailers I prefer the original game soundtrack. I'd prefer game music since it totally lacks the exposure mainstream music enjoys.

Maybe they might make some good discoveries anyway. Good luck to those entering.
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