Ninja Gaiden 2 Gets Festive

Kind of...

Posted by Staff
Surely there's nothing in this life that's quite so festive as a ninja slashing his way through a horde of enemies? SPOnG's come to the conclusion that this must be the case - it's the only explanation for Microsoft releasing this second blood splattered trailer and batch of screens for Ninja Gaiden 2 inside a week in the run up to Greedmas.

Blood's certainly a festive colour, at least, isn't it?

SPOnG's favourite moment in the trailer has to be about half way through. Having killed and maimed a bunch of nasties, Ryu shakes the blood of his sword in a manner that reminded us of a dog shaking itself off after a dip in a muddy puddle. Lovely stuff!

Anyway, dip into the trailer and screens below and have yourself a Merry Christmas!



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