Major Kinect Launch Title Recalled in States

Apparently a misprint has occured

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Major Kinect Launch Title Recalled in States
Microsoft and MTV Games have issued a "Recall the hell out this now!!" notice for Kinect launch title, Dance Central in the USA.

We've checked with a major UK retail outlet and - so far - nothing similar has happened in this country.

Says Joystiq, "Pre-release copies of Dance Central sitting in retail warehouses have been recalled, but MTV Games tells Joystiq that the Kinect launch title will be available for next week's November 4 release date. Thanks to a source, we obtained a note detailing the recall by Microsoft due to "a misprint in the owner's manual."

For its part, Microsoft has released a statement, which reads:

"Microsoft has become aware that an update that needs to be made to the product manual (i.e. printed materials) included in the game entitled Dance Central developed by MTV/Harmonix and distributed by Microsoft.

"To ensure we provide our customers with the best experience possible, Microsoft is updating the product manual and replacing all retail copies of Dance Central.

"Microsoft is working with retailers to update the product manuals and replace copies as quickly as possible. Most-if not all- impacted retail stores will have updated copies of Dance Central in time for the November 4, 2010 launch.

As copies are not currently available to retail customers this announcement only affects retailers and distributors with product inventory."

That has got to be one hell... sorry, 'heck' of a misprint.

See Josytiq.


irritant 1 Nov 2010 13:15
I'd bet it's either some b******s legal reason (licensed music credit mis-spelled) or a naughty word in placeholder text that someone forgot to remove.
config 1 Nov 2010 17:12
Maybe they could issue a zero day XBL update?

* Please open your user manual and turn to page 5.
* Take a pen and scratch out the 13th word of paragraph 3 (it reads 'c**ts')
* Write 'very nice people' above it.
* Now forget you ever read that text.
* Install complete.
munial 2 Nov 2010 11:58
ach who reads manuals these days anyways? scrap em, have em online, save mother earth..!
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