Phil Harrison's Bloody Xbox One BBC Interview

And who owns the biometric data you give to Xbox One? Is it the NSA?

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Phil Harrison's Bloody Xbox One BBC Interview
The Xbox One launches tonight and it's all hands to the media for Microsoft with Phil Harrison taking the plumb job of appearing on the BBC's Today morning show in full Corpro-Gearing.

Faced with a chilling grilling about childhood obesity, the onslaught of mobile, PC and free-to-play games that is giving old-thinking mega-gaming AAA titles a proper market kicking right now, ex-Sony man Harrison was relentlessly upbeat: "Everybody is a gamer", "It's a great time to be gamer", "The Xbox One is about games... best games line-up ever..." that sort of thing. But then this...

And we do know that Phil has a robust sense of humour but, when asked if consoles had anything to answer for in terms of childhood obesity he responded regarding "full body gaming" and Kinect and possibly one of the creepiest statements I've heard in ever.

"Kinect can gauge your heartbeat?" asked the interviewer.

"Yes" said Phil.

"Oh come on!" said the interviewer.

"It can see your blood under your skin", responded Phil (or words to that effect, we're grabbing the audio from here later when the BBC makes it public)

Now, it's not that we've not heard that claim... but the idea that it helps with children and obesity did makes the claim just the teeniest bit vamperic. Especially as no one knows exactly what Microsoft is doing with your biometric data.

Maybe the NSA has it?

Maybe an even more dangerous, Transylvanian-based group? Makes you wonder why they have midnight launches now doesn't it?


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