Microsoft Emphasises TV Focus in Reported Sky Deal

Vastly reduced-price Xbox One with Sky subscription.

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Microsoft Emphasises TV Focus in Reported Sky Deal
Microsoft could be close to making a deal with UK satellite TV company Sky to bulldoze its Xbox One console into homes at a vastly reduced price, according to a new report.

According to MCV, "Sources familiar with the situation tell us that Microsoft is in talks with the broadcaster to sell Xbox One with Sky subscriptions. The device could work as a set-top-box or companion device - but most importantly the console could be sold at a hugely reduced cost."

The trade magazine adds that a deal may have already been signed - but Microsoft is keeping quiet on any official confirmation on the matter. If it comes to pass, it could be a great coup for both companies - Microsoft will ensure that its all-in-one entertainment device will be the centre of the living room, and Sky may not have to rely on its own hardware for beaming TV into people's homes.

What this does highlight, on the other hand, is Microsoft's intense desire to dominate the TV industry - with less focus on its gaming output (besides the ones that, like Quantum Break, work like TV shows). A Sky Xbox would most definitely knock any focus on games into second place for the console.

The company hopes to assure gamers that it is on the right track at E3 next week - but with the company apparently refusing to talk to press in a roundtable next week, it's looking more likely that the firm is being driven by its TV interests.


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