Peter Moore Blows Lid on PR Handling

Plus: Xbox 360 Red Ring Didn't Push me Out

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Peter Moore
Peter Moore
In the fourth part of a Guardian interview Peter Moore, currently head of EA Sports and former Xbox boss talks about the gentle art of Corporate Bollocks Talking.

"No, I never said what I wanted to say”, he tells Keith Stuart (who has to be congratulated on an excellent set of interviews). “Within whatever I say, there's a messaging framework, I might say it in a more flamboyant way but there's a messaging framework that I'm usually very careful to adhere to otherwise my handlers would roll over me."

So, at last a senior executive admits to not saying what he thinks. Frankly, it makes you wonder why on earth there's a layer of senior executives getting in the way of the marketing and PR messaging in the first place.

Moore also spoke about how Microsoft underestimated the Wii. Discussing his first sight of the Wii (or Revolution, as it was then called), Moore said, “The GameCube had pretty much failed. I was in Tokyo when Iwata-san brought the controller out and said, 'here it is!' and we were all going, 'what the hell is that?''. I was with Robbie (Bach - head of Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices division) and I remember going "I don't know… it's different".

“But we knew that they were too good a company to lose twice in a row. But even then it was all about Sony, it was not about Nintendo, because they were so down and out – it's very difficult to think now, it was four years ago”."

Moore also stated that it was not the Red Ring of Death problem, which exploded not long before he left Microsoft, that drove him from the company. “It was unfortunate because as this was going on the Red Ring of Death story broke and so for better or worse the belief was that I'd been pushed out because of the hardware problems – that was not the case at all. But it was unfortunate timing”, Moore said.

You can read the full and excellent Guardian interview here.


SuperSaiyan4 18 Sep 2008 12:59
Funny and ironic how the 2 Peter's are talking quite a lot lately...
deleted 18 Sep 2008 20:33
would that be ironic in the same way as 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife?

in fact i dont even think it would be classified as coincidental, two people talking about games, who work in the games industry and have christian names of Peter.

Coincidental -

1. Resulting from coincidence; not intentional

Ironic -

1. Characterized by or constituting irony.
2. Given to the use of irony. See Synonyms at sarcastic.
3. Poignantly contrary to what was expected or intended

and just to show your whole post was pointless. (like most of them)

Funny -

a. Causing laughter or amusement.
b. Intended or designed to amuse.
2. Strangely or suspiciously odd; curious.
3. Tricky or deceitful.
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SuperSaiyan4 19 Sep 2008 08:56
The day you stop being a t**t is the day I stop making pointless posts...
tyrion 19 Sep 2008 13:45
SuperSaiyan4 wrote:
The day you stop being a t**t is the day I stop making pointless posts...

At least you have admitted that your posts are pointless. The first step to recovery, well done!
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