Japanese Charts: Hardware Sales Slipping

Nintendo still leading the way

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Japanese Charts: Hardware Sales Slipping
The latest figures from the Japanese games market are in, courtesy of Media Create, and falling hardware figures is the order of the day.

The DS is still leading the way by a healthy margin, with 111,000 sold. While that's more than double the sales of the handheld's closest rival, it's a slip of 50,000 sales compared with last week.

The slips were slighter for other platforms. The good news for Nintendo is that the closest rival to the DS is the Wii, with 52,000 units shifted. Next up is the PSP with sales of 27,500, It's followed by the PS2's 11,000 units with the PS3 behind it at 8,600. Coming in last is the Xbox 360, with a meagre 2000 consoles sold.

SEGA heads up the software charts with its new PS2 RPG, Shining Wind, followed up by Ninteno's Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2 for the DS then Odin Sphere from Atlus, another new PS2 entry, at Number 3.

As is wont to be the case recently, the Top 50 is dominated by Nintendo platforms. 42 out of the Top 50 SKUs (that's versions of a game, e.g. Spider-Man 3 specifically for the Wii) are on Nintendo platforms.


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