Halo 3 Goes Gold

Internet to be broken?

Posted by Staff
Halo fans: rejoice! Halo 3 has now gone gold, meaning that manufacturers have got their mitts on it and production is beginning.

Good news for us, maybe not for the factory workers who have to press the discs. If the record numbers of pre-orders on the game are anything to go by, the boys manning the machinery are going to have some long nights between now and the title's September 25th release.

SPOnG, however, is more concerned about what Halo 3's release is going to do to the internet. Or, more specifically, YouTube's servers. We had a look at the game's new video capture feature at Leipzig, and judging by what we saw, the sheer volume of Halo 3 videos that hit the site is going to break the internet.

?This is a huge milestone for us and a big cause for celebration at Bungie and Microsoft Game Studios,? said Bungie's studio head, Harold Ryan. ?This is the game we?ve always wanted to make and certainly the best game our studio has developed. We can?t wait for gamers to get their hands on it on Sept. 25.?

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hollywooda 30 Aug 2007 10:25
cant wait to get this game cooking on the PJ & surround sound, gonna have a day of no work Halo 3, a ton of cold beer & savoury nibbles!!!.... haha. Is the Sep 25th release date a worldwide release date??, that's a tuesday?... i need to know what day to be sick on...(cough, cough)
alexh2o 30 Aug 2007 10:52
Ahhh so this is Microsoft's new way off trying to kill Google!!
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