Video: The Xbox One Reveal in 1.5 Minutes

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Video: The Xbox One Reveal in 1.5 Minutes
So how did you think the Xbox One announcement went down last night? If you ask any of us at SPOnG Towers, we can't help but say we felt a little underwhelmed. Seems we weren't the only ones - one YouTuber has taken the time to cut down the entire hour-long conference to just 100 second-highlights. You can probably guess what those highlights entail.

The impression we feel that 'Darkbeatdk' gets? That Microsoft spent a lot of time emphasising the TV aspects of the new console. We can't say we disagree. The video also highlights the amount of times sports and Call of Duty were raised during the event. Most of all, though, it's just funny as hell seeing all this smashed together.

Watch the video below. And if you're looking for some fun post-Xbox Reveal, why not follow the Call of Duty Dog Twitter page - yes, the dog from Call of Duty: Ghosts has a parody account - at @CollarDuty.



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