Japan! Nintendo DS Doubles it Business

What a difference a game makes

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Japan! Nintendo DS Doubles it Business
Dragon Quest IX: Protectors of the Starry Sky - there's a game that lights up the smiles of our Japanese gaming pals. It's had such an illuminating effect in fact, that it's doubled DS (lite and 'i') sales compared to last week according to Media Create figures.

Nintendo has frankly rode roughshod over the competition in both handheld and console. Slightly good news for Sony, the PS3 out-performed the Xbox 360 (and the PS2 was very closed behind the Microsoft console.) Figures are below:

DSi - 118,202
PSP - 26,527
DS Lite - 10,161

Wii - 22,141
PS3 - 9,864
Xbox 360 - 3,561
PS2 - 3,508


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