Amazon Snaps Up Microsoft Xbox Live Guru


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Amazon Snaps Up Microsoft Xbox Live Guru
In a move that will send no end of shockwaves through Google, Facebook and other wannabe game revenue makers, Amazon has signed up Microsoft's long-time Director Games Platform Strategy, Andre Vrignaud.

Writing in his personal blog, Mr Vrignaud says, "Well, I guess Iíll just cut to the chase and say that Iím moving on from Microsoft to take a new role at Amazon. Canít really talk about details at this point, but itíll become pretty evident soon enoughÖ and you all know where my passions lie. :-)"

You don't know? It's gaming.

Says Andre, "Itís been an amazing eight years here at Microsoft. I originally joined to help build and evangelize Xbox LIVE to a skeptical game industry. When I started, the team consisted of maybe 30 people in a hallway in the now-defunct Millennium campus."

He also adds elsewhere that, "Recently Iíve started thinking more about mobile gaming as well, especially how we roll out Xbox LIVE on Windows Phone."

It has to be said that it's a big poach by Amazon.



deleted 7 Sep 2010 18:06
How come these guys never get slammed for their loyalty?

Still Amazon + Live Guru = surly Digital Downloads from Amazon.
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