VISA to Games Land: Courtesy of MS

Xbox credit cards for German teens

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VISA to Games Land: Courtesy of MS
As all good Xbox Live! aficionados know, thereís only one way to subscribe to the Microsoft-run online service, and thatís using a credit or debit card.

One place where this is turning out to be a problem is Germany. Practical and efficient as they are, our Teutonic friends are not so keen on the idea of credit cards. One side effect of this unwillingness to surrender to the joys of spending money you might never have is that e-commerce has been much slower to take off than in more decadent nations, say the US and Britain.

Microsoft - thrusting, resourceful mega-corporation that it is - isnít one to let a small problem like this stand in its way. You need a credit card, theyíll give you one. Yep, your very own Xbox Live! branded VISA credit card. Available in Germany only, anyone from the age of 14 and up can apply for this pre-paid card, and with no annual fees and 2% interest rates, itís as solid a first rung as youíre likely to find on the ladder to money slavery.

Further proof, if it were needed, that MS will do anything it can to make sure there are no excuses for putting off a subscription to this hugely successful service.


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