More Xbox figures from Japan

The bigger they are, the harder they fall. The continuing story of Microsoft's Japanese misadventures.

Posted by Staff
More Xbox figures from Japan
It’s another week, and Xbox hardware sales have reverted back to a near-dormant state as poor old Microsoft’s luck continues to desert them. After a 600% boost in sales to nearly 6,500 units in seven days towards the end of May, following Microsoft’s price-slashing onslaught, sales have dropped to 2,836 in just two weeks in early June.

It’s not good news for Microsoft, but the company has always believed it wasn’t going to be easy to pry open Japanese gamers’ wallets.

In related news, Nintendo’s counter-attack price drop has resulted in GameCube sales jumping from 4,000 consoles to over 13,000 in the week commencing June 3.


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