Microsoft: "We Are Definitely Listening" to Xbox One Feedback

"We will get it right."

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Microsoft: "We Are Definitely Listening" to Xbox One Feedback
Microsoft has appealed to gamers in an attempt to quell vocal disappointment over the Xbox One on social networks. Ahead of the company's E3 showcase next month, chief of staff for interactive entertainment business Aaron Greenberg has stressed that the console does target gamers.

"Thanks to everyone for your comments and feedback, we are definitely listening," Greenberg writes on Twitter. "[The] mood is positive, [it?s] good to be able to start sharing what we are doing. But [there are] too many details to cover in one day. Stay tuned.

"[There are] a lot of assumptions [being made] but very little based on facts. We will share more at E3. We will get it right. Trust me our system is made by gamers for gamers. E3 is all about the games. Cannot wait to share with everyone!"

Greenberg also added that Microsoft has a plan to support indie developers, and that smaller studios are "key to our future and a lot of them were part of Xbox 360 success."


Daz 29 May 2013 11:04
We'll see if they're listening when they announce
1. Games not locked to account
2. Kinect doesn't have to be connected
3. Every 24hr check-in scrapped
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