Microsoft Sues Datel For Copying Controller Layout

Has it really come to this?

Posted by Staff
Microsoft Sues Datel For Copying Controller Layout
Microsoft has filed a lawsuit against peripheral manufacturer Datel, because it believes the third-party company has been infringing on several Xbox 360 controller design patents.

Two controllers are specifically mentioned to be in violation of six Microsoft-owned patents from 2006 - Datel's "Turbofire" and "Wildfire" design breach includes the look of the front of the controller and the button layout.

On top of compensation for damages, Microsoft is asking for royalties or profits from the sale of these controllers, as well as an injunction so Datel can no longer manufacture the products.

The two companies have not been the best of friends for a while, with a recent Xbox 360 system update knocking out support for Datel's memory cards. The peripheral maker is already involved in an anti-trust lawsuit with Microsoft as a result.



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