Japan Software Charts: Pokemon's Still The Very Best

Impressive performances by Western games in Forza 3 and FIFA 10 too

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Japan Software Charts: Pokemon's Still The Very Best
Media Create has released the Japanese software sales for the past week, and there are quite a few new entries courtesy of some Western talent. Games traditionally release on a Thursday in Japan, and games such as Forza Motorsport 3 and FIFA 10 lead the foreign charge, with Uncharted 2 still performing well at Number 9.

Of course, nobody expected to see Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver to be knocked off the top spot, and sure enough it's still there, with nearly 120,000 more trainers-to-be trying to catch 'em all. Wii Fit Plus ranks at Number 2 and Tomodachi Collection, together with Wii Sports Resort further down the list, round up a decidedly Nintendo-dominated sales chart.

Level-5 makes a good showing this week with the new release of Inazuma Eleven 2, the sequel to the awesome role-playing sports game. With FIFA making it to the land of the rising sun, can we hope for the first Inazuma Eleven to reach European shores? No? Oh well, import again it is, then.

Figures are below. Chart position first, then game name, publisher, format and sales this week. Simple.

1 Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver - Nintendo (DS) - 117,972
2 Wii Fit Plus - Nintendo (Wii) - 88,197
3 Tomodachi Collection - Nintendo (DS) - 52,464
4 Inazuma Eleven 2: Kyoui no Shinryakusha - Level-5 (DS) - 49,238
5 Rune Factory 3 - Marvelous Entertainment (DS) 41,279
6 Forza Motorsport 3 - Microsoft (360) 31,818
7 FIFA 10 ~World Class Soccer~ - EA Sports (PS3) 20,598
8 Wii Sports Resort - Nintendo (Wii) 19,262
9 Uncharted 2 - SCEJ (PS3) 18,508
10 Shin Sangoku Musou 5 - Koei (PSP) 18,348


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