Normality Outbreak! DSi tops Japanese Charts

Posted by Staff
Normality Outbreak! DSi tops Japanese Charts
In a terrifyingly soothing outbreak of normality, the DSi sits at the top of the Japanese hardware charts for the week ending May 10th according to figures from Media Create.

The PSP is behind it, while the Wii is the top-selling home console by a margin of just under 6,000.

So, yes, none of this 'Japan doesn't love the Wii and DSi at the expense of all other systems' nonsense we've seen of late.

You can see the figures in full below.

DSi: 55,382
PSP: 43,009
DS Lite: 7,821

Wii: 24,397
PS3: 18,483
PS2: 5,137
Xbox 360: 5,068


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