Tweets from E3 '09 - Halo 3: ODST Impressions

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Joe SPOnG's been having a gander at Halo 3: ODST over at E3 (please excuse the rhyming). He was good enough to put out his immediate impressions as they entered his tired brain through SPOnG's Twitter page. We've put them below for you to take a look at...


"2 discs in box. ODST and Halo 3 competitive multiplayer disc. All Halo 3 maps and 3 new ones including mid ship remake.

"First up is a bit of campaign.

"Dude. I think Nathan from firefly is voiceing one of these guys. Nice!

"Looks like him too.

"Visor mode highlights objects and colors enemies and friendlies.

"Yay pistol with zoom.

"There's a superintendent for the city. An AI. It just downloaded a map to our system. Really big open world environment.

"The superintendent will use street signs to help guide you.

"Backgrounds are amazing.

"Flash back scene starts when we pick up a clue. Play as Dutch, a different character from earlier.

"Flash back scenes are more standard halo. linear. High action.

"Now a film of "fire fight" mode. 4 player. 7 lives shared by all players.

"No health regeneration since you aren't a Spartan.

"Fire fight level is huge. Basically the Halo version of horde from Gears."

SPOnG's just glad he made it out of the Alan Wake demo alive...

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