Xbox Live will launch with 47 online titles

What’s going on? Online console gaming just got serious

Posted by Staff
Microsoft has revealed the first concrete plans for its Xbox Live online gaming service since it announced its plans at E3 last month.

The company has stated that it will support 47 titles at launch, with games provided by 39 different publishers.

MS also made the first specific announcement regarding online Xbox play for the Japanese market. The company stated that it is talks with several unnamed ISPs in Japan that should see a global roll-out for the groundbreaking service.

“We will spend as much money and time as necessary to increase the number of Xbox users,” stated Hirohisa Ohura, managing director of Microsoft in Japan. “We will not stop until we become number one.”

Microsoft has pledged to spend $2 billion on Xbox related projects this year, an unprecedented spend on a games machine, thought by most to be an unrecoverable amount.

Microsoft announced this news after a large price-cut in Japan saw sales of its Xbox jump 600% from under a thousand per week to 6000. A similar increase after the UK price cut proved to be merely a temporary spike.


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