Retailer: Kinect Cheap for Multiplayer

Not so much for the single player experience though

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Retailer: Kinect Cheap for Multiplayer
Igor Cipollett - head of online retailer - has recently said that compared to similar offerings from Microsft's competitors Nintendo and Sony, the upcoming Kinect controller offers good value in terms of multiplayer.

"If you compare the cost of Kinect to a full set of Wii or Move controllers, you can see that Kinect will work out as the cheaper option," said Igor.

He was, however, a little less enthusiastic about whether this was the case for the single-player experience and this to say on the matter to MCV.

"But for the sole, hardcore gamer, it looks a very expensive option as a substitute for a joypad. Also, the RRP may have the unfortunate effect of deterring any impulse buyers."

Bear in mind that this is the same chap who wanted to see Kinect priced at 70 back in June.


config 6 Aug 2010 18:47
I reckon things will get a bit iffy when trying to track more than 2 players (unless you've got a massive room with enough space to keep everyone apart). If in practice there's 2 player cap, it doesn't look like such a great deal.
deleted 9 Aug 2010 01:52
Im worried about this tracking me i have a small gaming room my PC, TV and Consoles all in there with a small sofa and a couple of bean bags, id say there is a distance of 1 meter in front of me to the 32 " TV mounted on the wall, so thats the distance kinect will have and thats me sat down, stood up ill have about half a meter! im betting this wont work in my situation
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